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    What will happen?


    i'm just wondering. What will happen now with Mariko? I'm looking nearly every day into the store, but never ever anything new pops up.
    She needs clothes, she needs hair, she needs more shoes, poses, she need so many things.
    And most important a merchant skin resource!
    I so would love to create characters for her, but most of people wanna buy a character with make-up.
    And i'm not interested in some copyright infringements selling a char with make-up, but only can use her original skin.
    I don't have any skills to paint my own skin.
    Will she be ignored like Miki3 is ignored?
    It would be a sin!
    She is such a cute girl with so incredible many possibilities!

    I can only create freebies (that's ok with me) but i'm new with modelling and for that it can be, that the things i make are not the very best. I'm not like all the other profs who can put out bestsellers but i will do my best to help Mariko.
    But .... am i the only one?

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    Nope, you're not the only one. I'd like to see more for her as well. More clothing would be nice to have around, plus I wouldn't mind having some morphs to play around with,

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    I am working on getting more people to make things for Mariko, but the best way to get them to do that is for her customers to ask them. If they get enough requests and see that Mariko has potential, they'll be more likely to make things for her.
    Diane Thure Griffith
    DTG Studios

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    BTW, almost any hair will work on her. hr2 files just need to be repositioned. Conforming hair can be loaded, positioned and parented to the head (don't conform it).
    Diane Thure Griffith
    DTG Studios

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    Are there any Items available for Mariko other than this store?

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