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DTG_Studios' The Kits for K4
DTG_Studios' The Kits for K4
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SKU SKU28722
Operating System Windows/Mac
Required Products Poser 5 or higher & Kids 4 with Morphs++, K4 Basic Clothing
Price: $13.95

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Felix & Felina have spawned something even fiercer than they are - Felicity & Felipe! Descended from cat-like creatures, The Kits' race is sleek, elegant and cunning, with highly evolved senses. While they've lost their fur, they retain the underlying striped skintones. Over time they've developed a bioluminescence which serves many purposes, both social and survival. Like humans, each has a distinctive personality.

The Kits' face is a custom morph, so you can use it even if you donít have DAZís K4 morphs++. I created some textures for the K4 basic clothing pack from DAZ so they'd have something suitably primitive to wear. I've included a magnet to use on Felipe's clothes to give him a more "boyish" look.

The Kits' stripes and bioluminescence were hand painted over a base created with photo resources. Specularity, ambient, bump and displacement maps were specially engineered to bring out every fantastic detail. Merchant resources were used to create their eyes, but were customized and tweaked just for The Kits. Poser 7 material settings make their skin glow and their eyes pick up highlights from lights. I've shown Felicity with the regular striped texture and Felipe with the warpaint texture, but of course you can use either on a male or a female child. It all depends on the hair and the clothes you choose whether you will have a boy or a girl.

The Kits' tail has its own textures and MATs. The tail itself is not included, but is sold separately here.

The Kits were developed in Poser 7, but should work fine in Poser 5, 6 &8. If you are still using Poser 4, itís time to upgrade. You might be able to use the morphs and textures in Poser 4 (youíre on your own), but you will not be able to use the specularity & displacement maps or other material settings that give Felina that special glow.

Clothing, tail and hair not included.

See all of DTG Studios' products.

Many thanks to adamr001 for creating mat files for DS2 and DS3. You can download them below.


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Buy Together and Save: $8.37

DTG_Studios' The Kits for K4
DTG_Studios' The Kits for K4
+ DTG_Studios' Felix for M4
DTG_Studios' Felix for M4
+ DTG_Studios' Felina for V4.2
DTG_Studios' Felina for V4.2

Buy Together For Only $33.48

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KitsReadme.pdf KitsReadme.pdf (882 KB) (281 KB) (18 KB)

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